The Grieshaber group

The Grieshaber group

What began as a crafts enterprise in 1903 in Triberg, in the Black Forest, eventually became a plant producing turned precision parts, and later, a leading enterprise in its sector. VEGA as we know it today was founded in 1959, and in 1997 it introduced eric – the first two-wire radar sensor in the world. This innovation brought amazing success: almost overnight, VEGA advanced to international market leader in the area of radar sensors. With 860 employees and an export share of over 70%, VEGA is now the largest company in the Grieshaber Group.

Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG

Grieshaber was founded as a craftsman’s enterprise in the year 1903. It began industrial manufacturing after the move to Wolfach in 1919.
Grieshaber grew steadily and, because it needed more space, moved to Schiltach in 1980. After building several extensions, Grieshaber now produces over 120 million precision parts from non-ferrous metals every year in a total manufacturing space of 8,500 square metres. The company is specialized in aluminium – and since 2008 also stainless materials – processing under the highest quality requirements.
Manufacturing is carried out on single and multi-spindle machines for part diameters of 6 to 65 mm, with diameters up to 120 mm possible in certain areas.
Multiple processing on transfer machines belongs to its core competencies just as much as centreless grinding. Supplementary processes, e.g. modern cleaning systems, test laboratory, automatic testing systems and assembly round out Grieshaber's production competence. All further supplementary production steps, like coating, heat treatment etc., are carried out by select partner companies with the same high quality standards as Grieshaber.

An important cornerstone of Grieshaber is the special infrastructure of the company:

  • excellent training and education centre
  • in-house tool and jig manufacture
  • automation engineering department
  • in-house development of 100 % testing systems
  • central processing of oil and cuttings 

Among Grieshaber's customers are well-known, worldwide suppliers in the auto parts industry as well as leading companies in the area of industrial, domestic and instrument engineering as well as medical technology.
Grieshaber is certified according to TS16949, DIN/ISO 9002 and ISO 14001:2004.

Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG

The history of Supfina is shaped by two companies. In the Black Forest in 1903, the brothers Albin and Bruno Grieshaber founded a craft workshop, from which the company “Grieshaber Drehteile” (Grieshaber Turned Parts) in Wolfach later arose.
In Remscheid in 1910, the Bergische Werkzeugfabrik (Bergische Tool Factory) was founded by the Hentzen family. Here, in the course of the years, the product line expanded from at first spiral drills and machine screw taps to milling cutters and eventually complete machines, with the focus on superfinish technology, the highest level of surface finishing. In 1951 the Remscheid company changed its name to “Supfina - Wieck and Hentzen” – derived from “super finish”. The brand “Supfina” was born!  

In the meantime, Grieshaber Drehteile in the Black Forest was manufacturing lathes and gear mechanisms. In the 1960s the demand for superfinish surfaces increased dramatically. The Grieshaber family recognized the market opportunities and, like Supfina, concentrated on building superfinish machines.
From 1972 the two companies cooperated with each other and eventually merged in 1995. Thus came today's Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG into being. Beside the German company headquarters in Wolfach, Supfina is represented close to customers in the important superfinish markets by the production and sales site “Supfina Machine Company” in the USA (since 1984) and by the “Supfina Grieshaber Representative Office in China” (since 2001).
These locations together with numerous representatives worldwide make Supfina the largest supplier of surface finishing systems, superfinish machines and auxiliary equipment as well as double-disk flat grinding machines.