Did you successfully remove the rear wheel with disc brake from your bicycle last week? Did you also discover the small red transport safety device that comes with the bike, just for such cases? With the help of a short YouTube explanatory video – with a good view of the bike – even beginners can carry out this kind of disassembly of in exactly 1:43 minutes.

Short videos with a big impact

Since it was founded in 2006,the YouTube video portal has developed into a serious learning platform, steadily maintaining a high ranking in the "Top 200 Tools for Learning" for many years. It’s an ideal platform for concisely answering, with just a few words and images, small questions regularly asked by customers.

Maintaining lively exchanges with customers is essential for VEGA. “Many of these questions have already been asked by other customers, helping to clear-up common mistakes. With our new YouTube series "VEGA talk", we can explain things better, avoid unnecessary work and turn interested parties into real professionals,” says the marketing team, who came up with the idea for the videos.

The faces of VEGA talk

The two faces of the VEGA talk format are Tom Mulvey and Stefan Sum. Both are "real life" VEGA employees, normally working behind a computer screen, not in front of a camera like on filming days! Tom’s PC has been in many departments since 2013, when he started his apprenticeship at VEGA; nowadays, he is a permanent employee in the sales department. Stefan Sum has been working for VEGA for 28 years and is a long-standing expert in test equipment design.

Watch episode 1 now: Do radar sensors measure in applications with buildup and condensate?

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