VEGA Grieshaber KG is presenting well-tested sensors for measurement of level, point level and pressure. Use this opportunity to learn about our sensors, related services and software.The main areas of focus at Neftegaz are:

- Radiation-based sensors, which are suitable for level measurement under extreme temperatures,
high vessel pressures, concussions, aggressive media or problematic physical product characteristics. 

- The VEGAPULS series based on an operating frequency of 80 GHz, which allows a much more precise focusing of the transmission signal.
This makes it easier to separate actual level signals from interfering signals – this means the measurement becomes easier to make and much more reliable. 

- Pressure transmitters which are able to detect even the slightest changes in hydrostatic pressure,
which increases or decreases depending on the filling level. An innovative combination between software and hardware makes it possible to combine any two VEGABAR 80 series pressure transmitters into an electronic differential pressure system. Users benefit from the simple selection and efficient spares.


You want to visit VEGA at the exhibition?

We are pleased to welcome you. You can directly make an appointment with one of our employees. A short e-mail is sufficient: