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We bring our expertise directly to you with our first Swedish office in Stockholm

VEGA provides innovative solutions to meet your needs for all measuring level, point level and pressure requirements. 

We are the global provider of measuring solutions to all industries and manufacturing sectors and deliver to you our unrivaled knowledge, innovative hardware and software solutions.

VEGA arrives with 60 years of engineering know-how for all of you here in Sweden.

Our products

A step-by-step process in choosing the right sensor and application for measuring

The VEGA online tool guides you through the customization of your configuration. Vega offers unrivaled speed in building and integrating your configuration. We deliver on-site training to ensure your organization can implement your new hardware and software solution immediately. 

Our industries

As the world’s leading provider of reliable measurement solutions, VEGA now offers our unrivaled expertise directly to Danish industry, energy and infrastructure.

We’re here to support you. Talk with VEGA.

Jürgen Schuijren

General Manager

Alexander Niawik

Country Manager/BDM

Jannike Åkerlind

Country Manager/Marketing

Adel Djematene

Service Engineer

Axel Schott Eriksson

Service Engineer

Adam Holmlund

Account Manager

Jesper Karlsson

Account Manager

Christoffer Jansson

Sales Engineer

Åsa Lundgren

Sales Assistant

Catarina Ranow

Sales Assistant

Arezoo Ghannadian

Account Manager

Martin Boe

Account Manager

Sebastian Bodler

Account Manager

Dedicated, first-in-class customer support

Our experienced technical support teams ensure swift turnaround, built upon years of engineering excellence to offer you the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Customer services

Phone +46 (0)8 428 451 40 


Repair service

Our procedure for sending us your instrument in need of repair

Innovative measurement technology from the Black Forest

VEGA employs over 2,400 people worldwide, 1,150 of whom work at its headquarters at  Schiltach in the Black Forest.

This is where, for more than 60 years now, solutions to demanding measuring tasks are being conceived and turned into reality: for chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage manufacture, drinking water supply and sewage treatment plants, landfills, mining operations, power generation, oil platforms, recycling, shipping and aerospace industries.

As members of the economically strong Grieshaber Group, VEGA Grieshaber KGGrieshaber GmbH & Co. KG and Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG and offer stability and reliability.

The perfect measuring instrument for your application

We’re happy to give you advice on its use.

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