The new version of DTM Collection, 10/2018, enables more efficient work with point-to-point connections

Work with a wide variety of field devices can be considerably simplified with PACTware and VEGA DTM. VEGA level measuring instruments, too, can be quickly and intuitively parameterised or evaluated with the PACTware consortium’s open software. In its latest version, the program offers – parallel to the existing setup functions – the new PACTware DC, which allows users to carry out all tasks much faster. Thanks to DC, the connection to the instrument establishes itself automatically as a point-to-point application. On its own, the software finds the appropriate communication DTM on the HMI device and docks online.

Practical through recognition

For repetitive system structures, the DC version of PACTware also offers the practical option of saving pre-defined work processes as "favourites". This makes it possible to call up the necessary, already prepared steps for future, comparable setups and use them again via a simple mouse click.

It speaks VEGA’s language

In the current version 10/2018, the DTM Collection remains the user-friendly, streamlined setup, configuration and diagnostics tool that it has always been. Over many years it has proven its reliability in the field with VEGA sensors and signal conditioning instruments. The software, which was designed and developed according to FDT/DTM Style Guide, has been released for Windows versions 7, 8 and 10 and is now available free of charge in the download area under