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Level transmitter for reliable disposal of sewage sludge

Thanks to its very good signal focusing, the level transmitter installed above the shaft measures right past the reflecting ladder.

Water can be expensive. As a constituent of sewage sludge, water can become a considerable cost factor. Every kilogram that water adds to this waste product costs "extra".  The more water there is in the sludge, the greater the amount of material that has to be transported and disposed of at high cost. And the operators of incineration plants also prefer sewage sludge with the lowest possible water content. Dry sludge has a significantly higher calorific value and thus significantly increases the efficiency of the thermal process.

Reliable despite foam, internals and turbulence

In the city of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, the municipal department of civil engineering and the environment finds it particularly important to transport the accumulated sewage sludge to the waste incineration plant with as small a water content as possible. The first step in the upstream sludge conditioning process is to improve the consistency of the sludge. The process, based on organic flocculants, is accompanied by intensive foaming. It takes place in a deep, narrow shaft and is hardly visible because the filling stream stirs up the surface. A wide metallic ladder keeps the shaft accessible for inspection and maintenance purposes. 

For the level transmitter VEGAPULS WL S 61 installed above the shaft, these operating conditions pose no great challenge. It is protected by a flood-proof IP 68 housing, and thanks to its very good signal focusing, it measures right past the reflecting ladder. The foam formation and even the turbulent surface have no effect on the level the measurement.

Faster retrieval of measurement data with Bluetooth

VEGAPULS WL S 61 is an all-rounder for water and wastewater applications. Its good focusing and ±5 mm accuracy makes it ideal for pumping stations and rainwater overflow basins as well as for flow measurement in open channels or continuous monitoring of river water levels. Especially in large-scale plants or hard-to-reach measuring stations, the option of remote retrieval of measurement data from the level measuring instrument is a big advantage. The Bluetooth module  integrated in the transmitter is automatically activated by the smartphone and thus saves valuable time during routine checks.  

Sludge dewatering in the interest of citizens

Not only the city administration’s water engineering team is satisfied with the performance of the VEGAPULS WL S 61 level transmitter. The citizens of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock in eastern Westphalia also benefit from it. Due to the efficient sewage sludge dewatering their city carries out, they enjoy comparatively low wastewater charges. 

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