VEGA wants to be your go-to expert in the field of level and pressure instrumentation. You can present your case to our experts, who will then address your challenges in a private online session.

Your case addressed by VEGA experts in a private online session
Our experts will answer your questions and provide you with real-time demonstrations. This will ensure that your employees' knowledge of level and pressure instrumentation is up to date.
Live, interactive, confidential and free of charge.

Live expertise from the studio
We are pleased to demonstrate what level and pressure instrumentation can do for your process. 

How it works
1. You have a challenge: for example, an application where level or pressure needs to be measured under complex conditions.
2. Fill out our registration form (scroll down). 
3. Our experts study your case then set up an online session fit for you.
4. Participate in your online session with up to six people, where you can ask our experts questions. The session will last approximately 30 to 60 minutes.
5. Your recorded session will be available to you afterwards and will never be published externally. 

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We're at your service, challenge us!