Main Application Details:

Silo Level Sensor Alignment for non contact sensors

Technology:  Radar sensors with aiming/swivel mounting

Application: Ensuring alignment with the outlet

Operating system: iPhone /Android smartphone with motion technology




If you have a bulk solids silo or hopper, how can you ensure your non contact level sensor is correctly aligned with the outlet to get the best possible performance and measuring range? (as recommended in most instruction manuals) Normally, the top of the silo is enclosed with a roof and there is a nozzle for connection of the sensor making it difficult to tell exactly where you should be directing it. So, how can you get it quickly and correctly aligned?


The latest smartphone App from VEGA takes care of this. It works in two ways: input of known dimensions - height and horizontal distance from the outlet to the sensor - it then calculates and stores the perfect angle for alignment. Alternatively, if you use the camera with the target on the phone and you can see the outlet through the nozzle (perhaps use the camera light) – again it will calculate the angle and store it ready for alignment.

The aiming part is now very simple, just place the smartphone* flat on top of the sensor and angle it until the spirit level app goes green. Lock it in place, job done for perfect alignment every time!

This works particularly well with VEGAPULS 69; the new highly focused radar for bulk solids which has a beam angle of 4 degrees allowing accurate measurement right down to the outlet! To see the battery powered version of this radar, the aiming mechanism and the App in action, contact your area engineer or email


  • Correct sensor alignment
  • Saves time
  • Maximises silo capacity
  • Improves sensor performance

*Use only in accordance with site safety and ATEX restrictions

Download the iPhone / Android smartphone app here