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Nick, Finance

Xavier University, Senior

Nick has been a tremendous addition to the Finance group.  He has stepped into an Accounts Receivable role and is doing exceptional work.

Don Jackson, Finance Controller

What brought you to VEGA?

What brought me to VEGA was the sense of community in the workplace and when I interviewed for VEGA, every person I came across was so welcoming and spoke so highly about VEGA.

What are your daily tasks at VEGA?

I work primarily with the accounts receivable team invoicing VEGA's clients, but I also have begun getting into the accounts payable side of finance.  

Are you working on any special projects?

While at VEGA, I have taken over the third-party invoicing role. What I do specifically with this is I send out VEGA’s invoices to our clients electronically through roughly 15-20 different websites that all have a different process. On top of this, I have been making step-by-step documents for each of these third-party billing websites so that whoever looks at them, can submit invoices without any learning curves.

What is your biggest accomplishment at VEGA?

I would say that my biggest accomplishment at VEGA would be that I was able to essentially teach myself and others in the finance department the third-party invoicing role from scratch and I assisted in transitioning the process from the sales department to the finance department. 

What is the most challenging part about this internship?

I guess the biggest challenge would be that of time management. I am still a full-time student so as a part-time intern I have to make sure that when I am at work I am prioritizing what needs to get done and communicating with my co-workers to make sure I am as efficient as possible. 

What is your favorite thing about your school?

My favorite thing about Xavier is that the teachers take time to learn all of their students and go out of their way to help their students succeed.

What's your favorite place to eat around campus?

My favorite place on campus is Subway because there isn't much on campus, but off campus I would have to say my favorite place is Strong's Brick Oven Pizzeria in Newport, Kentucky. 

What is your favorite class?

My favorite class was Entrepreneurial Finance. In this class, we were able to meet up with a real business and assist them in coming up with a potential location for opening a new store. It was awesome to be able to apply what I have learned in my previous finance classes to a real world situation.

What is the last show you binge watched?

I binged watched A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Growing up, I read the books so it was a little nostalgic watching it on Netflix.

What is your favorite quote?

"This is going to be LEGEN- wait for it. I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second of this is -DARY. LEGENDARY!" - Barney Stinson 

What is the most embarrassing song you have on your phone?

"Me & You" by Cassie

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