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Eddie, Information Technology

University of Cincinnati, Junior

What are some of your daily tasks at VEGA as an IT co-op?

As an IT co-op, I help people with their computer problems, load new computers, and work on different projects regarding software updates.

How did you find VEGA?

I found out about VEGA through and that's where I applied. I wanted to pursue a job at VEGA because I thought I would enjoy the work that VEGA described over what other companies were offering.

What is your favorite thing about working at VEGA?

I really enjoy the people here, especially everyone in the IT department. Everyone is really friendly and it makes coming to work every day interesting.

Are you working on any special projects? If so, what are they?

Currently I’m working with Ben [the second IT co-op] on updating Nitro and Windows on all of the computers that need it.

What is your biggest accomplishment at VEGA?

My biggest accomplishment so far has been successfully updating Nitro on 75 computers in the sales building alone. 

What is your favorite restaurant?

I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but you can never go wrong with Taco Bell.

What is the most embarrassing song in your phone?

"Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus will always be a banger.

Hiring Process

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