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Mitchell, Information Technology

University of Cincinnati, Junior

What brought you to VEGA?

The drive to learn more about Information Technology in a corporate setting, as well as to better my interpersonal skills and customer service. I thought VEGA seemed like the perfect place to go and I was right.

What are your daily tasks at VEGA?

I work on the IT Helpdesk side of VEGA, which can include networking, troubleshooting, loading computers, imaging computers, installing/uninstalling software, and various other projects around the campus. 

Are there any special projects that you have worked on or are working on now?

I did a heatmap of VEGA’s Wi-Fi during the last semester I was here and it was cool seeing where the signal was excellent and where it needed to be improved. Fun fact: the parking lot between the Sales and Manufacturing buildings has pretty good Wi-Fi.

What is your favorite thing about your school?

That it presents the opportunity to co-op at different companies involving your major. It’s been a blessing working here and I hope to one day work in a setting like this doing what I’m doing. 

What is your biggest accomplishment at VEGA?

Doing the Wi-Fi mapping or solving a Bitlocker issue the team was having early on in the first semester I co-op’d here.

What kind of impact do you feel you are making at VEGA?

I feel like I’m contributing to making our technological experience here more user-friendly.

What is the most challenging part about this internship?

Probably when a new issue pops up that I’ve never dealt with before. That usually requires a bit of research before I can tackle it.

What is the last show you binge watched?

Daredevil on Netflix.

What was the last concert you went to?

Maroon 5 (but 2 of them were sick so they were actually Maroon 3 that night)

What is your favorite movie quote?

This is too tough. The first one that comes to mind though (and requires a lot of context) would be:

“Ah, so this is what it feels like.” –James Howlett, Logan

Hiring Process

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