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Why VEGA Americas

What sets our internship program apart

The VEGA Experience

Learn about interning at VEGA Americas

Project-Based Workload
A majority of the work a VEGA intern does is project-based. Project Managers submit project parameters, including an outline of desired results, and the intern decides how to best meet their objective. Interns work on multiple projects in various areas simultaneously, maximizing the breadth of their experience during the term.

Impactful Work
The Internship Program Manager reviews each project to ensure each meets the necessary requirements for optimal education, creativity, and impact. This means that interns will be working on projects that assist VEGA in reaching company goals and objectives.

Diverse Experience
Depending on an intern’s availability, they could be working on a number of projects at any given time. This gives them the opportunity to get a variety of work experiences in multiple areas across the company. Interns work with the Internship Program Manager to individualize their internship experience and gain exposure to careers that interest them.

Ongoing Projects
Some intern positions incorporate ongoing project that include daily responsibilities. These projects vary and are usually position based.  This allows interns to develop a real world work experience through which they hold sole responsibility for a given task.

Working Here

VEGA Americas offers radiation safety training.

Work Independently
Interns are free to work independently on their projects to sharpen their time-management skills and give them experience working under a deadline. Interns are responsible for their progress, including scheduling regular meetings with the Internship Program Manager.

Work as a Team
It is very important that interns can work within a team at VEGA Americas. Sometimes interns will have projects that require teamwork to accomplish a goal. Other times, interns will have projects that cross over into different departments requiring cooperation with people in different areas.

Creative Thought Encouraged
Creativity is welcomed at VEGA Americas. Interns are encouraged to submit ideas for projects they believe will benefit the company. In fact, the idea for the internship portion of this website came from a VEGA America’s intern.

Flexible Scheduling
We offer both full time and part time internship opportunities all year round. Interns should discuss their availability with the Internship Program Manager upon hire.

Networking Opportunities

An internship with VEGA Americas means lots of networking opportunities.

Network with VEGA Americas Management and Employees
Interns have the opportunity to meet and network with employees and managers throughout the company during their time at VEGA Americas. Informal networking sessions are held regularly to meet and get to know fellow employees within the organization. The Internship Program Manager also serves as a mentor, offering advice on succeeding at VEGA and general career development.

Interns also have the chance to network with industry leaders outside of our organization. By networking with suppliers from across the country. They may also have the chance to gain networking skills by meeting other industry professionals at trade shows and career fairs where we have a presence.

Access to Upper Management
Members of upper management are available to meet with interns and work with them on company-wide projects. Also, at the end of each term, each intern has the opportunity to present the work they have done to the VEGA Americas Leadership Team.

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