Q. What is the purpose of the linearization curve?
A. Linearization = Calibration. Due to vessel geometry and other factors, the counts will not change linearly with change in level or density. The linearization curve allows the user to assign radiation intensity (counts per second) to desired process level or density.

Q. How accurate is nuclear instrumentation?
A. After proper calibration on the vessel, the accuracy will be better than 1% of the measurement span. The repeatability (one component of accuracy) of the system will be better than 1% of the measurement span requested by the customer when it ships. The overall accuracy of the system is only obtained after a live process calibration. 

Q.  How long will my nuclear sources last?  
A.  Cesium 137 has a 30 year half-life. Cobalt 60 has a five year half-life. The life of the measurement system varies based on the sizing of the system. If life is important (especially for Cobalt-60 applications), please specify the desired need and VEGA will upsize the source accordingly.