Q. Are VEGA nuclear systems safe?
A. Yes, VEGA nucelar systems are safe when handled properly. VEGA's sources are double-encapsulated to ensure source material cannot escape. In fact, over the course of our 60-year history we have never had a source capsule leak. Not once. Nuclear radiation instruments are safe when used in accordance with ALARA principles, which is an acronym meaning to keep exposure ‘As Low As Reasonably Achievable’.

Q. Are operators exposed to any danger?
A. No. Our source holders are designed to shield radiation, so exposure is minimal. In the interest of safety, one should follow ALARA principles should be when working around any radiation source, no matter how minimal the exposure. 

Q. Do I have to mount shields to keep plant personnel away from the unit?
A. No. The source holders are designed to limit the gamma energy field strength to levels below your company's specified limit.

Q. Isn’t radiation dangerous?
A. Gamma radiation can be a danger if handled improperly. But through our specialized source holder design, stray radiation from VEGA gauges is insignificant when it comes to causing any health effects. 

Q. Can people get sick from working around the source holders?
A. Not when the source holders are used properly. Improper use, such as placing a limb in the beam of an open source holder for extended periods of time, can cause physical effects such as skin irritation and nausea.