The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is one of the offshore oil & gas industry's biggest annual events. According to the OTC 2017 website, the show features more than 2,300 exhibitors and attendees come to Houston from over 100 countries to exchange ideas and see the industry’s latest best technologies and discuss its best practices. Among those exhibitors will be Phil Deaton, Regional Manager from VEGA Americas. Phil will be manning a booth with other VEGA technology experts and a group from TechStar, VEGA’s local representative. We interviewed Phil via email for our OTC 2017 Trade Show Preview.

Have you ever attended OTC before?
This will be my second time attending. I’m basically an OTC veteran.

OTC is THE event in the offshore industry. What makes it so special?
The diversity of companies that attend and technologies on display at OTC is awe-inspiring. It's a very eye opening to take it all in and realize that what you are doing is a drop in the ocean in terms of contributing to the industry's success.

What VEGA products are you most interested in demoing for OTC attendees? Why?
Definitely the VEGAPULS64. 80 GHz technology is so innovative and so useful to end-users and we’re the only people who have it! There is a certain sense of pride in knowing that we can provide a solution that no one else can.

How do you prepare for a trade show, specifically one as big as OTC?
I’ll do a little industry homework and brush up on the finer details of the products we’ll have on hand just to give myself a little edge. Also, I’m packing my comfiest pair of loafers because I’ll be on my feet for 40 hours straight.

What are you hoping to accomplish and learn at OTC 2017?
The main goal is to introduce more users to VEGA’s solutions. If I accomplish that, then I will consider OTC 2017 success. In terms of learning, I want to further develop my understanding of different technologies that influence the market outside of where we play. I want to see more of the forest for the trees.