On June 1, VEGA Americas was named as one the Cincinnati Enquirer’s “Top Workplaces 2017” in the midsize category. “Top Workplaces” is an annual award given to outstanding local businesses and is determined solely by surveys about each workplace completed by its employees. But the survey isn’t the only thing focused on employees; according to VEGA Americas corporate leadership, hiring the right people has been the key to the organization’s success. 

“A business plan is what you do, but a culture is who you are. We [VEGA Americas leadership] have focused the majority of our time on the ‘who’, on people. Hiring the talent that fits our values and business plans is key,” said VEGA Americas President Ron Hegyesi. 

Hegyesi’s sentiments are echoed by Human Resources Manager Mary Kay Swadener.  

“By hiring people who value success and want to make a difference, we not only preserve our culture, we continuously make it even better,” Swadener said. 

As VEGA Americas has grown to over 200 employees since its founding in 1950, the company has made a conscious effort to improve its culture.

“One of our biggest decisions was deciding to be transparent.  That means all employees are informed of our plans, progress, challenges, and any needed changes.  This is further supported by our open door policy,” Hegyesi said.

The benefits of this transparency were evident in the survey responses submitted by VEGA Americas employees. Many respondents indicated that the organization’s published values, its open commitment to improvement, and management’s acknowledgement of individual contributions as reasons VEGA Americas is one of the best places to work in Cincinnati.

COO John Kronenberger points to this transparency as key to maintaining the balance between employee needs and corporate objectives. 

“Leadership is laser-focused on finding the right synergy between an excellent culture from an employee’s perspective and corporate success from a shareholder’s perspective.  Leadership is aware that such a synergy is a constant challenge—therefore we must be constantly working on it. Employee satisfaction and corporate success are not mutually exclusive. At VEGA, we desire both outcomes!”