On the first evening of the POWTECH 2016 trade fair, VEGA Grieshaber KG won the Technology Award in the category "MSR (Process Measurement and Control Technology)/Particle Characterization" with its new radar level sensor for liquids VEGAPULS 64.

The award was presented by the trade and industry journals PROCESS, PharmaTEC and Schüttgut (Bulk Solids). In the evaluation, the categories of innovation, marketability and efficiency in different areas, among others, were taken into consideration.

The new VEGAPULS 64 blazes a completely new trail, no longer measuring with the widely-used measurement frequency of 26 GHz, but with 80 GHz. This allows considerably better focusing of the radar beam, smaller antennas and a larger dynamic range. The instrument thus offers higher measurement certainty, even under difficult measuring conditions such as foam, turbulent product surface, condensation and buildup on the antenna. 

The conclusion of the jury: "All difficulties that have hindered the progress of radar measurement technology until now are history with VEGAPULS 64". This has been confirmed through around 200 field tests conducted in a variety of industries and applications worldwide since December 2015.

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