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Buffer tank for spent grain


Malt is a key component in the production of beer. The malting process at the beginning of the production sequence has a major influence on the character of the resulting beer. After mashing, the malt and other ingredients together with the brewing water are filled from the mash container into the lauter tun and held there for several hours at process temperature. The hot liquid of the wort is then slowly strained through the malt cake and pumped into the wort container. The remaining malt or spent grain from the lauter tun is conveyed into a buffer tank and temporarily stored there. The lauter tun has to be emptied so that production can continue. The buffer tank is therefore a crucial point in the production process not only because it serves as an interim storage facility, but because from there the material is forwarded to the storage silos. Due to the high temperature of approx. 60° C and the high moisture content of the material, a vapour atmosphere of high humidity prevails in the container. This leads to heavy condensation and buildup on the installed measuring probe. From the buffer tank the spent grain is eventually passed on to the storage silos and stored until it is sold as protein-rich animal feed.

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