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Level of oil / water recovery reactor


At a recycling company, oil sludge, oil/water mixtures and emulsions from many industrial processes are collected and treated. The objective is to separate the oil and water for recovery, purification and reuse. This process takes place in several steps. Firstly the oil/water mixture is centrifuged, hydrogen peroxide is added and mixed in a stirring reactor, then finally it is centrifuged again. Continuous level measurement is required in the reactor stage to enable automated operation. Its very Important for there to be an absolutely reliable and accurate measurement even at low liquid levels, right down to the vessel bottom. Inside the reactor there are baffles and an agitator. During the process sometimes heavy vapours are given off along with condensation, the liquid density also changes. Also note how close to the edge the mounting point is.

Your benefit

Reliable function, even with changing liquid properties, vapours, internals and agitators
Cost effective
Inexpensive integration into the reactor vessel, no modifications required
User friendly
Contactless sensor, measuring point easily accessible

Recommended products


A contactless level device is the best solution to be used with any agitated vessel. As a ‘time of flight’ transmitter, it measures the level/volume directly, which means it is unaffected by density changes and varying composition of the products. Using an 80 GHz technology contactless level radar with narrow focusing, ensures it looks right past any internal obstructions, avoiding all interfering false reflections and offering a high accuracy. This focusing also enables it to measure down to the vessel bottom, even when mounted close to the vessel wall. Radar sensors are also immune to the agitated surfaces, vapours and condensation given off during the hydrogen peroxide mixing phase.

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