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Online Live Demo

Pictures say more than words – especially when they’re alive and moving!

In 30-minute live demonstrations, our product managers will show you the functionality and advantages of the new instruments.

Live Demo Bulk Solids

From simple to challenging: How radar optimises your bulk solids applications

Wednesday, 7 October 2020 | 7 a.m. or 4 p.m.
With radar technology that is robust, flexible and economical all at the same time, VEGA is setting the course for more efficient production processes involving bulk solids. The deployment spectrum of the new VEGAPULS C series now includes simple, basic applications. Experience in our live demo how "radar for any situation" works. From standard applications to unconventional and complex ones: how the technology measures reliably, regardless of dust, noise or temperature fluctuations. And above all, how it performs in direct comparison with ultrasonics. 

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Important: The live demos are hold at the VEGA headquarter in Germany in "Central European Summer Time" (Daylight Saving Time) 7 a.m. or 4 p.m.. Please take care of choosing the right starting point matching your time zone. Thank you.

Compact, low-cost and unbeatable: New sensors for water and wastewater

Radar or ultrasonics? Which one is the best technology for wastewater treatment and drinking water supply systems? In live tests, VEGA explains the differences between the two measuring principles and shows how the new 80 GHz level sensors perform in a direct comparison. The new generation of VEGAMET controllers provides the additional boost in efficiency. VEGA presents this unbeatable combination and demonstrates the many possible uses in practice.

More visibility in processes: New pressure sensors and level switches

Which sensor feature is especially important in my application? Today there are many different solutions with pressure sensors and level switches, however, they cannot always be compared 1 to 1. VEGA specifies the reliability and efficiency criteria and supports the user in selecting the right sensor. There is great potential in the use of the sensors – but the basis for all use lies in fulfilling the requirements specified in approvals and legal regulations.

How to participate in the live demos

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2. Confirmation

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3. Participation

Please join the meeting on time.

Do you have any questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the online live demos.

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