The suspense lasted for almost 6 hours: it was only shortly before midnight last Saturday evening, at the gala of the Marketing Club Ortenau/Offenburg in Offenburg, that it became clear that VEGA would win the Ortenau Marketing Award in the category "Large companies." Minutes later, the team accompanying managing director Isabel Grieshaber and marketing manager Matthias Veith were overjoyed as they held the glass trophy in their hands. This was already the second time the Schiltach instrumentation expert had been privileged to win this particular award, yet in his acceptance speech Veith left no doubt as to how moved he was: "I dedicate this award to our great VEGATRUCK drivers Reinhart Dech and Heinrich Steinbrecher."

Customermobile in high-end design

The club, which is active throughout the Ortenau region, initiated the contest 6 years ago and has held the award ceremony in the festive ambience of the "Reithalle" (indoor riding arena) there every year since then. Its board members, Duschan Gert and Rainer Waltersbacher, are immensely happy that the number of applicants has been increasing every year. This time, 43 participants were officially nominated in a total of 4 categories: from small start-up to large company. One could only enter the race with a single, selected marketing campaign. VEGA decided to give it a go with VEGATRUCK. VEGATRUCK is on the road all year round in Europe doing road shows and customer training sessions, "visiting VEGA customers at home, i.e. at their respective company headquarters." The ambience of this vehicle, which VEGA developed with the help of SCHULER Fahrzeugbau (known from Formula One), is more like that of a first-class infomobile than a truck. "This allows us to get customers on board that we don't usually see at trade fairs or training courses," says Veith. "We intentionally address the emotions of our target group, because the truck simply enthralls everyone." 

In the confetti rain

Four jurors presented the evening's awards with all the pomp and circumstance of a Hollywood Oscar ceremony: under a spotlight on a large theatrical stage. Nothing was missing, neither the golden envelope with the prizewinner's name nor the laudation, neither the trophy on an embossed pedestal nor the lush bouquets of flowers for all company representatives. There was even a huge shower of confetti over the 300+ guests, who gave standing ovations. 

Hubert Burda was awarded an honorary prize this year for his sustainable marketing for and in the region. Because there were technical difficulties starting up the film report about this trophy, the moderator for the evening, Markus Knoll from Hitradio, joked around that the sound and video technician at the marketing club had already been fired and that the position was now open. This, as well as many other humorous asides, made the participants laugh exuberantly throughout the ceremony.


Pictures: Iris Rothe, Michael Bode