Adapter flanges VEGAPULS 61 / 67 / 69 / 64

Adjusting aid for swivelling holder VEGAPULS 68

Antenna cover for VEGAPULS SR68/68

Antenna extension PLICSMOBILE

Ball valve fitting PASVE

Brackets PTB1

Brackets PTB2

Brackets PTB3

Cable glands

cable shortening kit

Carrier rail adapter for VEGAMET 391

Closing screw

Connection cable

Welded sleeve

Welded socket, hygienic fitting

Welded socket, Clamp

Welded socket, cone connection

Welded socket, slotted nut

FLEX80 tensioning facility for cable version of FLEX81, FLEX86

Float for oil/water detection

G¾ threaded adapter for VEGAFLEX 80 and VEGAPULS 64

G1½ threaded adapter for VEGAFLEX 80 and VEGAPULS 64


Counter nut

Threaded flanges plastic PPH

Horn/Standpipe antenna VEGAPULS 62/68

Lock fitting for VEGASWING 63

Lock fitting for VEGAVIB 63

Lock fitting for VEGAWAVE 63

Measuring instrument holder for wall/tube mounting

Mounting bracket

Mounting aid/Welding dummy

Mounting angle for VEGADIF

Mounting bracket KV 31

Mounting brackets PTB4

Mounting bracket with 45° reflector

Mounting strap

Oval flange adapter

Parabolic antenna VEGAPULS 62/68


Measured value indication and adjustment of plics® sensors

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for supply of PLICSMOBILE and the connected HART sensors

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for charging the external battery unit PLICSMOBILE B81

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Process fitting adapter VEGACAP/CAL60

Protection cover VEGAFLEX 83 autoclaved

Protective cover

Radiation capsule

Rail adapter for remote housing

Reduction flange enamelled

Rinsing connection VEGAPULS 61, 64, 67, 69

Screw connection for suspension cable

Seal adapter set for VEGACAL / VEGACAP 62, 63 and 64

Straining clamp

Threaded flanges stainless steel

Thread reduction

Tube mounting set remote housing

Valve block

Variable seal for VEGAPULS 64/67/69


VEGAFLEX accessory parts

VEGAFLEX series 80 cable and rod components

VEGAFLEX series 80 centering/gravity weights

VEGAFLEX series 80 probe extensions

VEGAFLEX series 80 spacers

Ventilation valve

Wall bracket with rotary T-adapter

Wall bracket with slide adapter

Warning label VEGASOURCE 31 and 35

Water/Air cooling FIBERTRAC 31

Water/Air cooling MINITRAC 31

Water/Air cooling POINTRAC 31

Water/Air cooling SOLITRAC 31

WEIGHTRAC 31 tachometer


WEIGHTRAC Reference Absorber

Welded socket, DRD connection

Welded socket threaded fitting

Welded socket VEGABAR 14

Welded socket VEGABAR 17

Welded socket VEGASWING 51/61/63

Welded socket with accessory VEGABAR series 80