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Pressure measurement in the ozone collection pipe

15. October
Drinking water is the most important food of all. VEGA’s pressure transducers make an important contribution to the continuous processing of top quality drinking water.

Radar sensors from VEGA ensure accurate metering in lubricant production

11. October
Both level (left) and pressure (right) are measured in the autoclave.
Keeping track of several hundred tanks is anything but easy. The contents must be precisely measured and documented so that the metering of individual ingredients is correct. At the same time, this is the most important source of information for purchasing and sales. That’s why pressure and level at Zeller+Gmelin are not only measured by VEGA sensors, the measured values are also recorded in the VEGA Inventory System.

Level Measurement 101: Point Level Switches – A Simple On and Off

09. October
When all you need is a full or an empty measurement, a point level switch is likely the easiest, most economical option. This is a brief introduction to some of the most common technologies available: vibration, capacitance, microwave barriers, and radiometric.

Manufacturing Apprentices

05. October
VEGA Americas provides an apprenticeship training program because we believe in manufacturing. Today, we’re showcasing our current apprentices: Steven Gott, Daniel Geiman, and Chapman Sowash!

Why accurate open channel flow measurements are important: Talking Treatment

24. September
Accurate flow measurements in open channels are arguably the most important measurement at any wastewater treatment plant. Inaccurate technologies can result in inadequacies in the treatment process and hefty fines from the government. VEGA’s Municipal Regional Manager, Justin Mamula, discusses this process, the instruments commonly used to make this measurement, the challenges operators face every day, and how to overcome them.

My Travel Diary: Flying solo to the United States for the first time

20. September
Read about how Simon, an apprentice from VEGA Grieshaber KG, has come from the Black Forest of Germany to Ohio's Queen City for 5 weeks to work in the marketing department. Learn about his projects, trips around the country, and his experiences visiting America for the first time.

Assistance in the search for leaks

18. September
Sewers are regularly checked for unwanted water ingress, for example to determine if and where a sewer needs to be repaired. However, measuring the flow rate in partially filled sewer pipes is never easy. Thanks to its compact design, the VEGAPULS 64 radar sensor has proven to be a real problem solver for this.

VEGAPULS 69 supplies exact measured values for reliable production of high-quality chocolate

30. August
If there is a lack of raw materials, chocolate production at RITTER SPORT is at risk of coming to a standstill. By providing reliable measured values, the radar level transmitter VEGAPULS 69 ensures sufficient inventory levels in the raw material silos.

Level Measurement 101: Guided Wave Radar Keeps It Simple

23. August
GWR Blog
Our series on level measurement technologies continues with an economical solution to level measurement across industries for both liquids and solids. In this edition of Level Measurement 101, radar product manager Greg Tischler explains how guided wave radar keeps it simple.

Safely producing polymers for everyday use: Reaction Time

14. August
In Reaction Time, our chemical industry blog series, we explore the chemical plant, challenges facing plant engineers and technicians, and the technologies used to keep these crucial processes running. In the first edition, VEGA Americas' chemical manager Matt Stewart discusses plastic polymers.
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