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VEGAMIP: Point level detection with microwave barrier

The microwave barrier functions like a light barrier: when the medium gets in the way of the microwave beam between the transmitter and the receiver, the signal is attenuated. This change is detected by the receiver and converted into a switching signal.
The microwave barrier is ideal for point level detection of liquids and solids. Another area of application is backup detection on conveyor belts.

The advantages

  • Point level detection of high-purity fluids right through the vessel wall, no openings required
  • Microwave barrier is never in contact with the medium, sensor cannot get soiled
  • Wear and maintenance free operation over long periods

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MP61 VEGAMIP Fuellstandmessung in Schuettguetern und Fluessigkeiten

Microwave transmitter

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MP61 VEGAMIP Fuellstandmessung in Schuettguetern und Fluessigkeiten

Microwave receiver

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Microwave receiver in separate version for level detection of bulk solids and liquids

Microwave receiver, detached version

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