"The work was well worth it." Production Manager Edgar Schillinger and Managing Director Isabel Grieshaber look with satisfaction at the wide, glass entrance of what is currently the newest VEGA building worldwide. It is in Pune, India, and was just completed in November. The design of the new building for the subsidiary in the West Indian industrial metropolis bears the unmistakable hallmarks of contemporary German architects. And their tight schedule for the construction project was fully realized – not least thanks to the energetic support from Germany. "Especially in the final phase of the construction work, it was important that I was there on a regular basis. This ensured that a production and office building similar to the one in Schiltach was built," explains Schillinger.

Right on schedule
It is said that the clocks in India tick differently. At the festive "Inauguration Ceremony", the building at 181 Village-Phulgon was presented to the public, all polished and dressed up and right on schedule after just 12 months of intensive construction work. For the inauguration, the German-designed furniture, workplaces and wall decorations were framed with sumptuous flower carpets, garlands and canopies as well as the special festive clothing of the participants. The omnipresent colours yellow, orange and red radiated from all directions. About 100 invited guests were in attendance during the extensive ceremony, among them the executive board and numerous managers from VEGA headquarters in Schiltach, notable representatives of regional authorities and political figures, many customers as well as old and new Indian colleagues.

For Asia, from Asia
As the second fastest growing economy in Asia, India has long been attracting investors and in the meantime has matured into a major buyer's market. In its new production and assembly facility, VEGA will be producing exactly the kind of measurement technology the local market needs. The topic of safety and reliability is becoming ever more important, and for that reason the company is placing high priority on VEGAFLEX guided radar sensors, in addition to the 80-GHz VEGAPULS radar sensors. The subsidiary will produce tailor-made solutions for India's various industries while transforming a strategic business goal into reality. Innovative solutions: for Asia, from Asia. "We want to meet the needs of the region in the best possible way, but also secure our own future," emphasized managing director Isabel Grieshaber during her official welcoming speech. Beside the automotive industry, Pune is the centre of India’s oil, gas and steel industries, with their typical high safety requirements throughout the entire value-added chain.

Grow, but with a sense of proportion
Managing Director Isabel Grieshaber is convinced that growth has to take place with a sense of proportion, and that VEGA follows that principle in two important ways: "We want to understand our local customers better. With our new location here, we can listen and communicate our values at the same time. Quality and reliability are goals that VEGA must strive for, no matter where we are in the world." The building concept itself also stands for a sense of proportion and sustainability. VEGA India is just the right size now – neither too big nor too small. Most importantly, the new building holds potential for growth. Every department, be it production, administration or sales, can be expanded by the same number of workplaces. The resources and space needed to maintain the dynamic of the present in the future are thus amply available.