Simple measurement of liquid levels: 80-GHz radar sensors VEGAPULS 64
Applications in the process industry require extremely robust and accurate instrumentation that can be flexibly integrated into a system. VEGAPULS 64 radar sensors measure liquids with optimized dynamics and focusing. In process vessels they even compensate for the most difficult media and conditions, such as build-up, condensate or vessel internals.

Level measurement for all bulk solids: 80-GHz radar sensors VEGAPULS 69
In industrial processes, sensors have to deliver reliable measuring results for a wide variety of bulk materials, such as granulates, mineral slurries or suspensions containing solids. The 80-GHz radar sensor VEGAPULS 69 offers precision for reliable and flexible processes. Stable, accurate measurement is ensured even with poorly reflecting media, dust or false echoes from installations in the silo.

Making processes more efficient with wireless technology: Operation with Bluetooth
Chemical and pharmaceutical companies can create tangible added value with the help of intelligent Bluetooth communication: especially when the measuring instruments are located on top of high silos or in inaccessible places, harsh industrial environments or Ex areas. On VEGA sensors, Bluetooth is integrated in the display and adjustment module PLICSCOM – and can therefore be easily retrofitted.

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