To ensure drinking water supplies and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment, all processes must be reliably monitored, so that plant operators can intervene quickly with corrective measures if necessary. These critical processes include mechanical, biological and chemical treatment as well as the disposal of sludge.
So it’s no wonder that the demands on accuracy, availability and the methods of secure data retrieval and remote diagnosis are increasing.

At IFAT, the leading trade fair for water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management taking place in Munich from 14 to 18 May 2018, VEGA will be showcasing innovative environmental technology and key components for sustainable optimization of water processes.

  • VEGAPULS WL 61: The ideal sensor technology for continuous, accurate level measurement
  • Display and adjustment module PLICSCOM: User-friendly transmission of measured values via Bluetooth. It provides additional security – even in hard-to-reach places and over longer distances of up to approx. 25 meters
  • VEGAPULS 64 for liquids: High-precision levels with VEGA’s 80-GHz radar technology: excellent signal focussing and a high dynamic range join together to provide absolute measurement certainty 
  • VEGAPULS 69 for solids: In waste processing or recycling plants, 80-GHz radar technology focusses the measurement signals so tightly that they pass right by vessel internals or buildup without being disturbed

Let’s optimize your environmental application together!

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Exhibition crew

Aberle, Tobias
Armbruster, Julian
Boeser, Berthold
Bonini, Paride
Boschung, René
Grandel, Andreas
Hebe, Sarah
Heinzelmann, Anja
Hilebrand, Andreas
Hoch, Nicolas
Höll, Ralf
Köhler, Hans-Ullrich
Krämer, Gerd
Leon, Pilar
Mosmann, Eugen
Müller, Stephanie
Obert, Alina
Partl, Helmut
Schmalz, Joachim
Schuffenhauer, Frank
Siegenthaler, Martin
Skowaisa, Julia
Skowaisa, Jürgen
Stumhofer, Willi
Thörmer, Carmen
Veith, Matthias
Vollmer, Beatrix
Vollmer, Freddy
Wagner, Joachim
Zeigner, Hans-Werner