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You’d like to talk with an expert? You’re looking for the ideal sensor for your requirements? Then call us. We’ll be glad to help you select the right instrument.

You’ll be connected with your VEGA consultant via our switchboard:

+7 7292 778 044, 778 045

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If you need service, feel free to call our 24-hour hotline, available seven days a week. Only normal call charges are incurred:

+49 1805 85 85 50

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EnergoCom – VEGA distribution LLP

1 V Mkr. , 27 Dom, Mangistauskaya Oblast

130000 AKTAU


Tel.: +7 7292 778 044, 778 045

Fax: +7 7292 778 044

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Product overview, accessories & software

Product overview

Sensors for measurement of level, point level and pressure, as well as devices and software for integrating the sensors into process control systems.

Signal conditioning

Simple parameterization of the sensors and visualization of the measured values via the on-site display.


Software for the adjustment of field instruments, for visualization of measured values and for inventory monitoring.

Accessories and spare parts

Sensor accessories, spare parts and documents such as certificates / test reports.