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Pluggable display and adjustment module for plics® sensors


Application area

Measured value indication and adjustment of plics® sensors

Universal display and adjustment module suitable for all sensors of the VEGA plics® family, VEGABAR series 50/60/80, VEGADIF 65, VEGACAL series 60, VEGAFLEX series 60/80, VEGAPULS series 60, VEGASON series 60, PROTRAC as well as VEGADIS 81, VEGADIS 82.

Your benefit

  • Simple to detach, hence use also with other sensors
  • Simple and reliable adjustment of the plics® sensors through clear text indication with comprehensive graphic support
  • Minimum time expenditure through reliable function and clear, graphic-capable LC display with 4-key operation as well as integrated lighting
  • Optional possibility of wireless operation via Bluetooth with smartphone/tablet/PC as well as magnetic pen operation in case of housing lid with inspection window

Technical data

Protection rating
IP 20/IP 40
Ambient temperature
-15 ... 70 °C


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PLICSCOM now with Bluetooth!

Product configuration

Configure product

Documentation & Software

appropriate to PLICSCOM


appropriate to PLICSCOM

Magnetic pen for display/adjustment module PLICSCOM

Magnetic pen for on-site adjustment

Bluetooth USB adapter

Wireless adjustment of sensors and instruments via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Smart
Ambient temperature
-40 ... 85 °C