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We offer a full spectrum of training classes at VEGA Americas

Learning Center Lab


Our interactive training courses are held in our state-of-the-art instrumentation lab. These sessions provide users deeper understanding of VEGA instrumentation as participants setup, calibrate, and troubleshoot VEGA sensors.

Customer site training

Join VEGA Americas for top-notch training in level measurement technology.

VEGA provides training courses on location for customers who want to educate their workforce as a whole. Attendees will walk away with the same quality of training and understanding of VEGA instrumentation. If you can’t come to us, we bring the classroom to you.

Current class offerings

Register for current class offerings in Cincinnati today. 

Radiometric Measurements for Level & Density

VEGA is offering a new and interactive radiometric course that will give attendees a deeper understanding of radiometric measurements used for level and density applications.

Current class dates:


DTM (PACTware) Training

This class teaches end-users how to commission, troubleshoot, calibrate, and perform data collects on VEGA instruments. Attendees will be able to configure a 4... 20mA VEGA radar sensor, set up the 0% and 100% points, configure the PLICSCOM display, set up the failure mode, optimize the sensor for the application, and suppress false signals.

Current class dates:


RSO Review Courses

This fast-paced class is designed for active RSOs who have previously taken a 40-hour class. Attendees will benefit from this in-depth review of the principles of radiation safety by keeping in step with changes to Radiation Protection Standards. Based on NUREG 1556, topics include dose limits, required ALARA programs, record keeping, compliance, and training of plant personnel. We recommend attending a review class every two to three years.

Current class dates:


RSO Training

This class is designed for those who intend to become Radiation Safety Officers and others who desire the highest level of training the industry has to offer. Based on NUREG 1556, this course meets all of the requirements of the NRC and Agreement States for RSO training. Upon successful completion of the course, attendees receive a certificate to use for application to the appropriate licensing agency.

Current class dates:

Learn about traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio, home of VEGA Americas.

Cincinnati Campus

Experience what Cincinnati, Ohio has to offer by visiting our VEGA Americas campus. You will spend time in each of our three buildings and receive a tour of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Download the Cincinnati-area hotel information and for discounts exclusively for guests of VEGA Americas.