VEGA instruments help control your process and business
Our level and pressure sensors help measure and control to maximise the efficiency in all areas of your business. VEGA products are designed to work in all conditions, minimising downtime for repairs, cleaning and adjustment. They are designed for rugged operation and high reliability, with a build quality to deliver long term service and low cost of operation. Some of the application areas we work:   Fish Feed Systems

Fish feed systems : know your stocks
For monitoring feed silos, containers and hoppers both on and offshore; measuring contents, capacity for delivery and tracking usage, as well as helping to control feed handling systems feed chute blockage etc. We also offer remote inventory technology via mobile network and web-enabled systems, or by simple local indicators or Bluetooth app on smartphone/devices, which means reducing the likelihood of remote silos running out or requiring expensive emergency deliveries.

Water monitoring : protecting your assets
We offer water level sensors for tanks or flow monitoring on fish farms and watercourses, inland flood monitoring and warning sensors. We provide quality, competitive solutions for leakage detection, dry run protection for pumps or pressure monitoring of pipes and airlines.  Our open channel flow systems have MCERTS accreditation for measuring abstraction and discharge from water courses for fish farms. Offshore, our sensors have marine approvals and can be used for tide gauging, even wave height and floating pontoon/platform level, for example.

Fish processing : helping efficiency Fish Processing
If you need to measure level in tanks and hoppers, blockage detection in chutes and slides, on waste and finished products -  we have reliable ‘fit and forget’ solutions. We supply sensors to measure chemicals in tanks used for treatments or for cleaning, ensuring stocks are always maintained.  They are also designed to withstand build-up and harsh outdoor operating environments, yet can be as easy to deploy as mounting above a mobile plastic vessel to measure the contents inside. (see pic) They can even email or text when replenishment/change over is required, keeping your production moving.



We understand that complete customer satisfaction can only be achieved not just with great products, but also comprehensive service and support, no matter how remote your location is. Our team of engineers are always on hand and happy to discuss your application and process requirements; no matter how unusual your idea, or if its run of the mill and you are just seeking assurance. If you need a device on a trial basis to prove its capability, feel free to put us to the test. There is a 5-day build time and 3 year warranty on all standard VEGA products.

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