Pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter for process pressure measurement

The pressure transmitters are designed for pressure measurements of liquids and gases in all areas of industrial measurement technology. The pressure measuring cell converting the pressure into an electrical signal is the heart of the pressure sensor. This pressure-dependent signal is converted by the integrated electronics into a standardised output signal.


Pressure transmitter for hydrostatic pressure measurement

The pressure sensors of the VEGABAR series 65 meet all the requirements placed on suspension pressure transmitters. Excellent measuring precision, overload resistance, temperature stability and corrosion resistance are the essential criteria that it satisfies.


Pressure transmitter for differential pressure measurement

VEGADIF 65 differential pressure transmitters can be used for manifold applications, e.g. for flow measurements in conjunction with effective pressure transmitters in gases, vapours and liquids. Also level measurements in liquids and pressure monitoring on filters and pumps are wide-spread applications.