Universal measurement of bulk solids with 80 GHz radar: With its high frequency of 80 GHz, VEGAPULS 69 solves challenging measuring tasks in bulk solids – contactless. With its small beam angle, silo installations and reflections from the vessel walls are no longer a problem. Dust that occurs during filling doesn’t interfere with the signal because its new microwave components reliably detect even the smallest reflection signals.
The universal radar sensor for bulk solids has a measuring range of up to 120 meters and is available in three versions: With lightweight plastic antenna, with 1 "½" threaded connection, or with a lens antenna integrated in the flange.

Reliable remote operation: A Bluetooth function integrated into the indicating and adjustment module of the radar sensor allows convenient and safe operation as well as display and evaluation from a distance of up to 25 meters. All you need is the free VEGA Tools app and a smartphone or tablet.

More safety in level detection: With the vibrating level switches, VEGAVIB and VEGAWAVE, and the capacitive sensor, VEGACAP, VEGA instruments provide the required reliability and robustness, especially for powders, granulates, and demanding bulk solids.

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