VEGA Grieshaber KG is presenting new as well as time-tested sensors for measurement of level, point level and pressure. Use this opportunity to learn about our sensors, related services and software.
The main areas of focus at drinktec are:

VEGAPULS 64 – the ace for small containers

VEGAPULS 64 is a sensor that simply measures right past vessel internals such as agitators or heating coils. And one that is not affected at all by condensation and buildup. In short: A sensor that heralds the beginning of a new era in measurement technology.

Electronic differention pressure
VEGA pressure transmitters measure the electronic differential pressure with the VEGABAR series 80 simply and flexibly.
Ideal for level measurement in pressurized containers and fermentation vessels.

PLICSCOM with Bluetooth
The display and adjustment module PLICSCOM with Bluetooth allows wireless setup and commissioning, measured value display and sensor diagnostics via smartphone or tablet PC.

We look forward to taking your questions on level and pressure transmitters.