Process control and inventory innovations

As world leading manufacturers in level and pressure instrumentation for the food and beverage industry, VEGA provide both inventory and process control solutions. Measuring, detecting and computing volume of liquids, solids and gases, in all their forms, including; powders, grains, pastes, spreads, slurries, beverages, adhesive or abrasive products, as well as any chemicals utilised, at all stages of processing.

VEGA understand the value of an efficient process and accurate inventory, it begins with reliable measurements in the field, precise information for control systems and follows with easy data sharing across a company. Quality, real time information increases quality, shortens supply chains, reduces down time, wastage and optimises stock holdings - maximising productivity. It all starts with the measurements you make: from a single vessel to tank farms and silo blocks: devices to connect seamlessly with LAN, internet and mobile telemetry systems - all capably supported from one single supplier.

Appetite for Engineering will feature a new radar level sensor that's making a splash in the food industry. The narrowest focusing, highest sensitivity and smallest process connections ever, provides excellent resistance to build up, condensation and coating. Learn how 80 GHz contactless radar level measurement is the ideal partner for the liquids or solids industries. A new Bluetooth communications system for easy, fast set up of all sensor technologies, via smartphone, tablet or PC, will also be on show. 

Their sensors offer robust designs and high IP ratings to deliver long sensor life. FDA, 3A and EHEDGE sensors with ATEX “Gas & Dust” approvals enable easier process integration. Fast delivery: 80% of product variants are despatched in less than 5 days and a 3 year warranty on all units, give you peace of mind.


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