The right ingredients for level and pressure measurement. Does your company utilise bulk storage of raw materials and finished products, does it also require reliable automated control during processing? Reliable, accurate level and pressure measurement delivers precise process control, to ensure consistent quality, optimise production and reduce energy. Accurate, inventory management solutions; scalable from one or two vessels, to tank farms and silo blocks, integrated with e-commerce systems improve logistics, to ensure the right amount is in the right place to meet demand for your business, your customers and suppliers. As a world-leading manufacturer and expert in level and pressure instrumentation for food and beverage industries, VEGA sensors can deliver all this and more for level, volume and point level detection for both liquids and solids. Beverages such as beer, soft drinks, spirits, dairy products, additives, flavourings, powders, grain, sugar and difficult to handle adhesive ingredients like molasses, as well as associated chemical products used for cleaning. The sensors feature water-tight I.P. ratings, hygienic designs, ATEX for hazardous areas (gases or dust), sensor network and Bluetooth communications are available too. All standard product variants typically have 5-day build-time and all have a 3 year warranty for peace of mind.


Come and watch our live demonstration seminar "Beverage processing or storage: getting the best level/volume measurements" at 2:30 on Tuesday 23rd January:

Accurate level and volume measurement is one of the most critical areas in beverage production. VEGA engineers will be talking about technology and solutions you can use, with actual case studies and a live demonstration of capability.

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