Process control and inventory innovations

At the 4th Annual Sustainable Food and Beverage Exhibition, discover the new VEGA award winning radar based level solution for contactless measurement of both liquids or solids in almost any environment you care to name: small vessels, tall silos with agitators, heavy condensation, dust, build up, turbulent surfaces, changing pressures, vacuum and at high temperatures. Also find out how simple it is to connect with any devices you like using Bluetooth and free VEGATOOLS mobile app. A state of the art communication method, yet backward compatible to all sensors supplied since 2002.

As world leading manufacturers in level and pressure instrumentation, VEGA sensors provide information and control  for volume, level and pressure of liquids and solids in all their forms, including; powders, grains, pastes, spreads, slurries, beverages and additives, adhesive/abrasive ingredients and cleaning chemicals. VEGA understand the value of efficient process control and accurate inventory with easy data sharing across a company - It shortens supply chains, reduces down time, wastage and optimises stock holdings - maximising productivity. It all starts with the measurements you make. 

Solutions range from one process vessel, to tank farms and silo blocks - they can interconnect with LAN, internet, mobile or remote provide telemetry systems.  Modular sensor designs feature high IP ratings, FDA, 3A and EHEDGE,  ATEX “Gas & Dust” and  fieldbus network communications are standard options. Fast delivery: 80% of product variants are despatched in less than 5 days. A 3 year warranty underwrites the high quality of all VEGA products.

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