Radar level sensors are being installed throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire Council drainage area. The council has undertaken a program of changing out existing ultrasonic and pressure sensors, as well as installing brand new measurement points. This has been enabled via VEGA’s non-contact water radar level sensor, accurate to 2mm, which was chosen as the replacement. Its measurement is unaffected by wind, rain or surface turbulence, which means no protective structures, like stilling tubes and conduits, are needed for the sensors. The radar level transmitters are combined with Hydrologic Frog battery powered GSM/GPRS data loggers, no other civil engineering or electrical infrastructure work is required, saving EYRC time and money.  These ‘stand alone’ measurement systems are quicker to install, reducing safety risks of prolonged working at the waters edge. They are also cost effective: the low cost radar sensors use little enough power to operate between 2-3 years on the battery pack integrated into the Frog unit, but they still have a measuring range of 15m and are IP68 protected. 

EYRC are happy to share their experience with others. For the case study document on the initial phase of the project, and details of EYRC engineers involved, please download the PDF document to the right.

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