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Bridle, Bypass Chamber and MLI measurement systems

Combined MLI and Bypass Chamber with GWR

The comprehensive range of bypass chambers and Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) options from VEGA provide an easy solution for measurements with our class leading Guided Wave Radar (TDR / GWR) transmitter, VEGAFLEX.

VEGAFLEX offers unrivalled performance and sensitivity for level measurement, interface monitoring and process control across a broad spectrum of industries. Simple to setup and easy to maintain using asset management tools, like NE107, as well as integrated diagnostics and event memory. Also featuring optional Bluetooth operation via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Chambers range from standard designs with fast lead times, to fully bespoke systems meeting specific process requirements and custom specifications / materials, to offer you the complete solution.

We engineer and supply packages for both AD2000 and ASME design codes, as well as carrying out all types of testing, inspection and specialist packaging and crates for shipping.


Bridles & Bypass Chambers



VEGAPASS 81, offer easy specification and fast delivery for straight forward chambers to both ASME and AD2000 design codes.


Bespoke chambers, designed to your exact requirement and to meet the harshest standards and conditions whether just a bypass chamber or dual bypass/MLI solutions.


VEGAPASS series bridle utilises a chamber mounted directly to the process vessel with two or more process connections. The connections are the inlet and outlet that allow the liquid level in the chamber to match the level in the process vessel. The VEGAPASS incorporates a VEGAFLEX Guided Wave Radar that measures the process level.

Magnetic Level Indicators (MLI) and combination sytems



As a sight glass replacement solution, MLI’s provide a clear indication of process level and compliment our GWR transmitter range.


VEGA provide stand alone designs or combined MLI/GWR chambers.




The VEGAMAG series MLI uses a chamber that houses a sealed float with a circular magnetic array. A visual indicator, containing a series of magnetised flags, mounts external to the chamber. As the process liquid fills the chamber the liquid lifts the float, which rotates the flags from white to red, giving a visual indication of the liquid level inside the vessel.

Displacer Replacers

To solve the high maintenance cost of displacers, our VEGAFLEX Guided Wave Radar’s can be supplied complete with special mating flange options to suit existing displacer chambers (or cages). This means you can retain the chamber and just replace the top transmitter with a low maintenance radar-based measurement device. Easy, simple and quick!

We can also offer a complete chamber replacement design service and free site visits to help identify mating flange sizes and requirements.


As with process and sight gauges, a large number of displacer level gauges require a significant amount of maintenance to keep them operational. By utilising a Guided Wave Radar transmitter to retrofit to existing vessel connections, it replaces displacer technology that can be prone to mechanical failure, also greatly reducing regular maintenance and potential downtime.

Design your own


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