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Microwave receiver in separate version for level detectin of bulk solids and liquids


Application area

Bulk solids, liquids on dangerous mounting sites or sites difficult to access

The VEGAMIP R62 is the receiving unit of the microwave barrier in separate version for level detection of bulk solids and liquids. Typical applications are the detection of bulk solids in silos, bunkers and crushers as well as liquids in tubes and vessels. The non-contact measuring principle has no direct contact to the medium and guarantees wear and maintenance-free permanent operation.

Your benefit

  • Separate instrument version enables mounting in installation positions difficult to access
  • Reliable measurement even with very abrasive products
  • Reliable measurement even with changing product features

Technical data

Measuring range - Distance
100 m
Process temperature
-40 ... 80 °C
Process pressure
-1 ... 4 bar
  • hygienically encapsulated horn antenna
  • for separate horn antenna
  • with horn antenna ø 40 mm
  • with horn antenna ø 48 mm
  • with horn antenna ø 75 mm
  • with horn antenna ø 95 mm
  • with plastic horn antenna ø 80 mm
  • Horn antenna ø 1½"
  • with encapsulated horn antenna
Materials, wetted parts
  • PTFE
  • 316L
  • 1.4848
  • PP
Threaded connection
≥ G1½, ≥ 1½ NPT
Flange connection
≥ DN50, ≥ 2"
Hygenic fittings
  • Slotted nut ≥ 2", DN50 - DIN 11851
  • Varivent ≥ DN25
  • DRD connection ø 65 mm
  • for NEUMO BioControl D50 PN16 / 316L
Seal material
  • FKM
  • FFKM
Housing material
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel (precision casting)
  • Stainless steel (electropolished)
Protection rating
  • IP 66/IP 68 (0.2 bar)
  • IP 66/IP 67
Ambient temperature
-40 ... 80 °C


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Product details

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Documentation & Software

appropriate to VEGAMIP R62


appropriate to VEGAMIP R62


Universal display module suitable for all sensors of the VEGA plics® family with relay output

Ambient temperature
-40 ... 80 °C

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