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Gas scrubber

Level and pressure measurement in gas scrubbers

Level and pressure measurement in gas scrubbers
Level and pressure measurement in gas scrubbers

Process data

Measuring task
Level and pressure measurement
Measuring point
Measuring range up to
20 m
Solvent (aniline)
Process temperature
+20 ... +120 °C
Process pressure
+1 … +200 bar
Special challenges
Diffusion, high pressures


Carbon dioxide is separated from a gas mixture via two scrubbing columns. The gas mixture consisting of nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide passes through a gas pipeline into the first stage gas scrubber. An added solvent, usually aniline, binds with the carbon dioxide, which is then forwarded in liquid form to a gas scrubber or ‘desorber’ where it is “washed” out of the liquid. The process pressure is monitored during the absorption process, which takes place at high pressure and low temperature. The actual separation of the carbon dioxide from the liquid, however, is carried out under low pressure and high temperature, where the level of the liquid needs to be kept as constant as possible.

Your benefit

Reliable measurement, independent of the process conditions
Cost effective
Resistant materials deliver long service life
User friendly
One sensor, two measured values: ceramic cell measures temperature and pressure

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