VEGA will be showcasing innovative environmental technology and key components for sustainable optimization of water processes.

  • VEGAPULS WL S 61: The ideal sensor technology for continuous, accurate level measurement using non contact radar technology.  A great alternative for ultrasonic technology with build-in Bluetooth for commissioning and diagnostic.
  • Display and adjustment module PLICSCOM: User-friendly transmission of measured values via Bluetooth. It provides additional security – even in hard-to-reach places and over longer distances of up to approx. 25 meters
  • VEGAPULS 64 for liquids: High-precision levels with VEGA’s 80-GHz radar technology: excellent signal focusing and a high dynamic range join together to provide absolute measurement certainty  
  • VEGAPULS 69 for solids: In waste processing or recycling plants, 80-GHz radar technology focusses the measurement signals so tightly that they pass right by vessel internals or buildup without being disturbed.  Highly recommended in bulk solid application such as lime silos in water treatment plant and solid waste in reclamation plant.
  • PLICSMOBILE T81 for remote transmission using GSM/GPRS/UMTS wireless transmission of measured values and for remote parameter adjustment of VEGA HART sensors.  Measured values / events can be transmitted via email or SMS.  Ideal for flood monitoring in-conjunction with VEGAPULS 64.

Let’s optimize your environmental application together!
We look forward to taking your questions on level and pressure transmitters.

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