Q. What is the maximum ambient temperature specification for the detectors?
A. The maximum ambient temperature for our fiber detectors is 122°F.  All other detectors can be used up in environments with ambient temperatures up to 140°F.
Q. What if the maximum ambient temperature is too high for the detectors?

A. That’s commonly the case. We offer cooling accessories you can add to the equipment.  Consult us for more details.

Q. What about sunlight? Won’t that increase the ambient temperature?
A. Yes, sunlight will increase the ambient temperature. To minimize radiant heat due to solar radiation, we offer sunshades that reduce the ambient temperature at the sensor by about 10°F.

Q.  Are cooling/heat tracing options available? 
A.  Both passive and active cooling options are available.  The active cooling options include both air and water-cooled versions.  We do not offer heat tracing on any of our systems.