On March 7, Control Engineering published an article by VEGA Product Manager for radar and guided wave radar, Greg Tischler. The article covers the benefits of using 80 GHz radar sensors for liquid level measurement and continues the case that the future of level measurement is 80 GHz transmission frequency. The article includes the following analysis of the practical usefulness of small antennas.

"Amping up a radar sensor's focus has an opposite effect on its antenna-its size decreases as transmission frequency increases. An 80 GHz sensor, therefore, does not require a large horn to focus its beam at the measured material. The signals take a narrow beam all on their own. The saved space makes a huge impact, particularly as it applies to retrofitting. Plants now can integrate the most advanced radar devices into an existing process without shelling out thousands of dollars for vessel modifications. For users who have longed for radar but could not afford a retrofit, this news is tantamount to a budget increase. Smaller instruments, however, aren't just good for old vessels; they also can help manufacturers stay nimble and market-responsive."