On May 4, Flow Control Magazine published an article by Jeff Brand, VEGA Product Manager for pressure. The article covers eight benefits pressure transmitters with ceramic measuring cells offer to operators and makes the case for ceramic in harsh, difficult applications like slurries. Brand's article includes the following analysis of ceramic's abrasion-resistance.

"By nature, ceramic is abrasion-resistant. The material’s tight, dense matrix makes a ceramic diaphragm 10 times harder than stainless steel. This extra strength is advantageous because it makes ceramic better-suited to withstand harsh environments, including slurries, mines and paper production – any application where liquid is used to move solids. In these applications, process material often contacts pressure diaphragms, resulting in damage to the cells. This is not an issue with ceramic cells because surface scrapes do not leave marks, scratches or indentations. If product builds up on its surface over time, users can simply scrape it off with a hard metal object without harming the ceramic cell, making it suited for use in slurries that tend to disintegrate metal diaphragms."