On July 21, 2016, area companies opened their doors to the public for NewCo Cincinnati, a day-long, citywide celebration of the local business scene. The participating organizations ranged from tech startups to brewers, non-profits to manufacturers. Museums, government entities, and even the Cincinnati Symphony hosted a NewCo session. VEGA Americas was among the 95+ host organizations who welcomed in a combined 900+ visitors for this unique, music festival-style gathering of the local business community.

Over 20 attendees from big companies, small companies, and the Cincinnati business press visited VEGA Americas’ campus. After hearing about VEGA’s legacy of innovation, attendees listened to a presentation about VEGA Americas’ partnership with Start Something Bold (SSB), a startup that immerses itself in customer journeys to help its clients create and develop a sustainable growth plan, informed its approach to entering new markets.  

In addition, attendees saw the Grow Wall, the physical manifestation of the process VEGA Americas’ employees generate initiatives to overcome market challenges. One of the founders of SSB walked the group through every step of the process and explained their role in curating the initiatives VEGA Americas employees create. Finally, the group was treated to a tour of the campus’ innovative Learning Center Lab.

NewCo Cincinnati gave VEGA Americas the opportunity to promote that while it has the resources of an established manufacturer, it also has the vision and flexibility to collaborate with a partner in Start Something Bold that keeps them growing into new markets. Just another way VEGA is looking forward.