Over eighteen months ago, VEGA Americas took a bold step to enhance their day-to-day business processes. It implemented Run Improve Grow (RIG), a transformational system of continuous improvement that stimulates a culture of consistent growth. RIG empowers frontline workers to problem-solve and take ownership of their roles, and it frees leadership to focus on the big picture and develop strategies that take businesses to new places. VEGA Americas’ internal RIG champions—employees who help departments apply RIG processes—created RIGfest to promote and celebrate the hard work, big wins, and commitment to RIG across the entire organization.

Participants were invited to select a RIGfest track that sent them to hear how pairs pf different groups made RIG part of their regular processes. The Sales & Service track featured presentations from Parts & Repair and Non-Nuclear Assembly, Field Service and Outside Sales, and Inside Sales and Quality. The Organizational Specialists track included joint talks from Source Holder Assembly and Inventory Specialists, Order Fulfillment and Accounting, and Purchasing and Manufacturing Engineering Services.

Attendees moved from presentation to presentation, learning concrete ways RIG has helped close information gaps, streamline cross-functional efforts and communication, identify and remedy inefficiencies, and improve the entire customer experience. RIGfest inspired VEGA Americas employees to continue to collaborate and explore new ways to improve their processes. The event was capped off with a celebratory ice cream social.

Here’s what different VEGA Americas departments said about RIG

“We knew we had a problem, just didn’t know how to handle it. That’s where RIG came in.” – Field Service

“My favorite part of this experience is blocking off time that allowed us to work toward being more efficient.” – Parts & Repairs

“RIG is an effective tool for communication and infrastructure that allows us to focus on our customers.” – Outside Sales

“There are 150 combinations of products we can make. Because of RIG, our techs are specialists in each.” – Field Service

“Identifying needed changes also helps us identify who else we need to be working with, promoting cross collaboration between departments and global organization.” – Inside Sales

VEGA Americas employees enjoy ice cream at RIGfest.