VEGA Controls SA introduced the VEGAPULS 64 to their valued Vaal Triangle customers and their partners during a relaxed evening which included entertainment provided by Die Campbells and Morgan Beatboxer.

John Groom (Group Director) together with Frikkie Streicher (Sales Manager) explained why the VEGAPULS 64 is setting new standards with 80 GHz.  VEGA, the market leader in radar level measurement for over 20 years, has ushered in a new age of radar technology: VEGAPULS 64 - the first radar level transmitter for liquids operating at a transmission frequency of 80 GHz.

Many will remember when VEGA took a similar leap in innovation 16 years ago, introducing new 26 GHz devices.  This opened up many new application possibilities for this still new measurement principle.  Over recent years, this 26 GHz technology has been further refined and it's capabilities increased, until it has become almost 'maxed out'.