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Radiation-based Level Measurement

Product attenuates radioactive energy, and the detector outputs a level value based on the energy it measures.

How does radiation-based level measurement work?

Radiometric or radiation-based measurement sounds complicated, but it’s relatively easy to understand. An isotope with low radiating intensity is housed inside source holder on one side of a vessel or pipe. The secure source holder collimates the energy so it is directed only at a detector mounted on the opposite side. As material fills the vessel, less energy reaches the detector which outputs an inferred level measurement. 

What are the advantages of radiometric instruments?

Radiometric sensors are used for continous level and point-level monitoring in the most difficult solids and liquids applications. The reason for this is nuclear gauges provide a non-contact measurement that delivers accurate readings without touching the process material, so there is no chance of damaging the detectors with harsh, abrasive or corrosive products that would require frequent and expensive maintenance. External mounting has the added benefit of allowing for installation during ongoing production.   

What are common applications for radiation-based level measurement?

For the toughest applications, radiation-based level measurement is the only solution. VEGA’s ProTrac series of radiometric sensors offers product and performance features that were once considered unattainable under extreme process conditions including high pressures and extreme temperatures. The flexible FiberTrac detector is a popular choice for curved and bullet-shaped vessels, and it is offered in lengths up to 23 feet for continuous level measurement in tall vessels. Highly sensitive SoliTrac instruments are the perfect fit for vessels with thick walls, or in applications where a small source is required.

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VEGA Americas will test your nuclear source holders for leaks so you can operate them safely.
We’ve been the process instrumentation leader in radiation-based level measurement since 1950—we know nuclear inside and out. To help you at every step—from choosing the right instrument to licensing to training to removing a radioactive source—we’ve developed a complete suite of services. Put our experience and expertise to work for you.
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