Just in time for the POWTECH 2014, VEGA presents the VEGAPULS 69 which comes a good deal closer to the ideal of an all-round radar measuring instrument for bulk solids. The level measuring instrument operates with a frequency of 79 GHz. This enables a much better focusing of the transmission signal. Especially in vessels and silos with many installations, the good focusing helps to reduce the influence of false signals considerably.

With new microwave components, even the slightest reflection signals can be measured. Products with poor reflection properties which were previously difficult to measure, such as plastic powders or wood chips, can now be measured reliably.  With a measuring range up to 120 m and an accuracy of ±5 mm it has enough power reserves even for unusual assignments such as in mine shafts or for distance measurement in conveyor systems.

To make setup and commissioning easier, an intelligent App for smartphones has been developed. It allows quick and easy alignment of the sensor.

More information under: www.vega.com/vegapuls69.